During the school year 2018-2019 the students of the 5 schools did a relay book. Each country wrote 2 chapters in the following order : Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary. The pupils were the reponsables to create the story, write and illustate it. The chapters were written from September till December in each country monitored by the Language teachers. The illustrating work started in a learning, teaching , training activity in Germany, in December 2018 , where the Germans, Spanish and Hungarians participated. There, we met the books illustrator Dir Steinhöfel, who gave the students some tips about how to do the cover and how to illustrate the chapters. The book cover was designed there. After that , the chapters illustrations were started in Barcelona in another learning, teaching, training activity where the Czechs, Germans and the Spanish participated.The title "This isn´t a book" was also chosen by the students in a learning, teaching, training activity where they met in Nydek, in February 2019. Finally the book was printed  in the Czech Republic in May 2019. 
 It was an interdisciplinary project between different school subjects like the language of each country, English and Arts.The result is a wonderful fantasy book  written in English about an orphan teenager called Mathew who finds out about  his family mistery thanks to a book he comes across in a library.
In June a copy of the book was given to each student participant . The 2nd of July  of 2019 "This isn´t a Book" was presented in the library Biblioteca Bon Pastor , in Barcelona, in an event open to families, neighbours, schools and people from the area and city.




Tears, emotions and feelings in the farewell of the last meeting in Barcelona. Many students from all the schools participants could not avoid crying at the final activity after the week project in Bon Pastor School. Two of them have written this emotional letter about their experience.


The thing I can say for sure is that the trip to Barcelona was one of the greatest experiences in my whole life. We enjoyed every single moment of the week. We met new people, we all learnt something new, we played some games and we improved our English skills.

The clue game, that the school prepared for us, was very creative and I enjoyed it, because we could see the interesting places and buildings that are in Bon Pastor. I also met new people during the game, it was great.

When teachers told us that we will go next day on a trip of Barcelona, my eyes litteraly lit up. I was very excited and it was really amazing, not only to see all those wonderful monuments, for example Sagrada Familia, which we all found so beautiful and individual, but how we would get to know each other more was good as well.

Meeting the Spanish booktuber was really nice, she showed us new ways to love reading and things she talked about really inspired us. The lecture with her wasn't boring as most of the topics, but otherwise it was really interesting and even a bit shocking, because the girl who presented to us is so young and already so successful.

We also got to do some visual poems, where we could express ourselves in many ways and we could choose the style.

The school in Bon Pastor was in my opinion very nice and cute, because there were pictures hanging everywhere on the walls. But its appearance it's not as important as the people in it. We have met so many amazing people and we can say that literally everyone we met was so kind and willing. Our hosting  families treated us well, we enjoyed to see new lifestyles, because it's really different to ours.

The week in Bon Pastor was definitely the best week in my life. Those experiences and meetings, it was just unforgettable. I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone from Spain and Germany, and to the whole Czech team.

 Written by Ivona and Tereza

Czech team: Tereza, Ivona, Sabina, Daniel, Ondřej, Mirka, Jonáš, Donna
Teachers: Vlasta, Kateřina

January 2019