On a nice Sunday in April we left Germany from Frankfurt airport to Budapest. We were all very excited and happy to see our hosts at the airport in Budapest.

After we had been picked up we spent time in our host families.

The next day we went by bus to a Legopark before we had a welcome speech by the headmistress at school. because we didn’t know the students from the Czech Republic weh ad some warm up games and held our personal presentations.

After that we had free with our hosts.

On Tuesday we went to Budapest and the Hungarians were the guides and presented the sights of the city.

Wednesday was our poetry day. In the morning we started with the presentation of famous writers and worked on our favourite poems creating posters and visual poems. In the afternoon we worked with Viktoria Bosnyak. She is a famous Hungarian writer for children’s books. Our workshop was even filmed by a TV team.

From Wednesday to Thursday night we slept at school and created a Kamishibai theatre to the book we have written in the last months.

On Thursday we went home for a little rest and came back to school for lunch and a walk around Budaörs.

On our last day we evaluated our week at school and said goodbye to all our new friends.

we had a great time and it was an amazing experience.


Clara, Lore and Melina from Germany.