From the 27th November to 1st December Denmark, Czech Republic and Spain visited the German school. This is what the Danish students wrote about their experience:

Amalie Bach-Jacobsen

I think it was a fun and good week because I loved the people in our town and also all the pupils from the other countries. I thinkt it was exciting to meet all of them. 

I learned a lot about other cultures and things.  It was nice to learn about the big cathedral in Colonel.  

When I was in Germany I didn’t read a lot, but when I got home I have been reading more.


I liked the place where I lived, and they were very nice and very kind. Also in the school they  were all very nice, and they helped us.

I learn a lot of English. So now I am much better than before. I have also improved my German.

I was a little afraid about reading out loud for them all, but in the small groups with 4 pupils it was okay to read.

  Mads Sørensen

 How did I feel about my stay? 

I thought it was great! I met new people and friends. I learned to speak more English in a normal day. When I was with my hosts family they would always be so helpful.

 What did I learn? 

I learned a bunch of English because I had to talk English all the time, I also learned a small bit of German. And I learned about some new people and friends. 

 What did I do for reading this week? 

We did some different reading tasks, like getting a paper and we have to do what it says, or getting some questions that we had to correct, with a different paper that had the information