During the school year 2018-2019 the students of the 5 schools did a relay book. Each country wrote 2 chapters in the following order : Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary. The pupils were the reponsables to create the story, write and illustate it. The chapters were written from September till December in each country monitored by the Language teachers. The illustrating work started in a learning, teaching , training activity in Germany, in December 2018 , where the Germans, Spanish and Hungarians participated. There, we met the books illustrator Dir Steinhöfel, who gave the students some tips about how to do the cover and how to illustrate the chapters. The book cover was designed there. After that , the chapters illustrations were started in Barcelona in another learning, teaching, training activity where the Czechs, Germans and the Spanish participated.The title "This isn´t a book" was also chosen by the students in a learning, teaching, training activity where they met in Nydek, in February 2019. Finally the book was printed  in the Czech Republic in May 2019. 
 It was an interdisciplinary project between different school subjects like the language of each country, English and Arts.The result is a wonderful fantasy book  written in English about an orphan teenager called Mathew who finds out about  his family mistery thanks to a book he comes across in a library.
In June a copy of the book was given to each student participant . The 2nd of July  of 2019 "This isn´t a Book" was presented in the library Biblioteca Bon Pastor , in Barcelona, in an event open to families, neighbours, schools and people from the area and city.