From the 16th to the 20th of October 2017 a group of Spanish, Hungarians and Czech students and teachers met in Nydek to share some learning and teaching activities about reading .

Sonia Ruzafa, from Barcelona, wrote these comments after the trip:

"I think that Erasmus+ is the best experience that school has given to me".

I enjoyed every single second in Nydek, the Czech Republic. Everyone was lovely and nice, the people were so closed to me, so polite and friendly, they tried to make me feel confortable and they got it !

We visited Trinec Library, the best library I´ve ever seen. The librarians encouraged us to read "with the heart" and not "with the mind", they showed us that Reading is something else, not just something compulsory and boring that teachers give to students.

Nydek School was beautiful and colourful. I had never seen a teacher like Vlasta, so funny and so "warm". All the activities were perfect, I liked so much going to Chantoria, and the views of Poland were awesome.

They created one of the best experiences in my life, I lived unforgettable moments with the best people in the Czech Republic.


Sonia Ruzafa  (15 years old)

Escola Bon Pastor