Ida 7th grade, Hotherskolen, Denmark 


Czech Republic 

Before I went, I was shy and nervous because I only knew my host, Dominica, through our messages. And she looked nice on the pictures she sent me. But I was just worried of her not liking me and me not liking her.  I was really looking forward to meeting her and her family. And the thought of talking English more than I used to do was fun.  

When I went to her apartment, I was excited to finally see it and meet her family. She had a really big room that we both slept in. And then in the morning we would go to school in the snow. It was fun meeting her friends. But it was strange to hear her family and friends talking Czech. That is really a difficult language. 

It was fun to taste all their snacks and treats because I found out that they apparently love waffles in the Czech Republic. And it was fun to see their school because it was not so big. But in the inside, it looked big because I did not know the place that well. 

I think we made a good friendship through the hole week and we just had fun talking and laughing. But it was sad to say goodbye to a lot of sweet and nice people. 



Mads 7th grade, Hotherskolen, Denmark 


My trip to Nýdek. Before the trip, I was a little afraid to fly, because it was my first time, I did it, I survived my first flight, even though it was a horror flight, with snow storm over Prague and having to land in Vienna, before going back to Prague and landing on the icy lane.  

My host was Jirka. I lived in a house with 2 levels.  So my family was a brother, mother and father.  He also had another brother, but he wasn´t home, so I got his room. The first night I was tired (because of a long, time travelling) so I fell asleep fast. The next morning, I got oatmeal, and my host some bread, we went to school in a bus, I thought that the school was big, but it really wasn´t. There were not that many students, as in our school. We had an icebreaker in the first lessons, and in the break, we played table tennis. In the afternoon we went out to have pizza, with the other students. We had some group presentations and personal presentation the next days, and we had lots of fun in the snow, both sledging and going cross country skiing. 

I found out that I don’t have to be that shy and during the week my english improved. It was nice to meet both the German and Czech pupils and I made friends with many of them. We are in contact by messenger. 



Czech Republic – trip 


Sofie from 7th grade in Denmark 

Before I left for the Czech Republic, I wonder if Ema had changed, how here family looked like, how I was going to be treated and how their house looked like. When we arrived at Nydek after a long train trip from Praha and a longer flight length than expected, Ema, my host and her dad picked me up at the train station, where they had their car and we went to their home. Next day we went to the school by bus, in the school we met all the other student from Czech Republic and Germany, there we needed to learn more about each other, and it was also the awkward part, but after that we all had fun. We got a showing around and saw their school, I thought their school was a bit difficult to ours, so I didn’t know the way to everything, but I got used to it during the week. Every morning my host mother asked me what I would like to get for breakfast and for lunch. My host father was the best at English in Emas family, she also had a little brother who was practising his English. 

During the week we made many difficult activities in the school and after fx fairy-tale roleplay, sledging, skiing, ate pizza, bowling, quiz about the relay book, suggestions for the title for the book and many other things. 

I got to exercise my English, be braver and made new friends.  

It was nice that we were not the only visitors, there also was Germans. 

I want to thank Ema and her family once more, for being such nice host and host family.