From Sunday 9th December to Friday 14th December 2018   we went to Germany.   The village where we went was called  Eschenburg and the school name is Holdbergerschule.

First day in the morning we went to  school by bus, and we participated in Giulia’s lesson. I listened to the music history lesson. After this we went to Juggling lesson, and we learned how to do Juggling. This program was so cool. After the lunch we went to the village in groups and answered to asks. When the Spanish arrived we presented the personal presentations and played games to know each other.

On Tuesday we made illustration workshop with Dirk Steinhöfel in the 2th-7th lesson, and chose the chapter’s and the cover’s drawing. After the lunch we went to sport lesson,where we played in two teams. I really liked it.


On the third day we went to the school at 8’ o clock because we travelled to Cologne and we visited the Christmas fair. There we bought presents to our family. At 15.00’ o clock we went to a guide tour in the Cologne Cathedral.

On Thursday we went to lessons in groups and presented the presentations about our school, country and home town. We visited three classes. After this we worked on the book project. After it we went to a music lesson and sang a Christmas songs in Spanish and in Hungarian song. We sang the Silent night  in our own languages.  I think it was beautiful.

In the evening we went to torch hike with a camp fire. We wandered to the forest on foot, and  we arrived at a camp fire , there we baked bread and ate it with Nutella. We got a punch, too.  It was really a exciting walking.

             I think this travel was fantastic because I met new friends , learnt  how to illustrate a book and  we could get knowledge about German Christmas habits.

 Boglárka Pohl   (HUNGARY)